Final project inspired by The Circle


My final project is to go transparent for a day. I have been looking on the internet on how I can do that. I really want it to be streamed live. There is an app called Ustream. This app allows you to stream live video from your iPhone directly onto the internet. I haven’t tried it out yet but I will test it out and then see if that option works best for me. The other option would be to use my DV camera which has wifi and I could stream videos from my camera onto a website called I want my project to be interactive so I am looking forward to the viewer participation.



About JadeThaGoddess

My name is Jade I'm 21 from New York City currently living in the Bronx. I love cheddar cheese and the color purple. If I could be anywhere on earth I would be on a deserted island with an abundance of fruit trees and internet connection so I could watch Netflix all day.

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