Monthly Archives: April 2014

Final project


I have created a Facebook group called Going Transparent where we can chat about my live streaming and vlogging. To join the group go to the enter Going Transparent in the search box. Here is the link to the group!/groups/243062862547281/


Final project inspired by The Circle


My final project is to go transparent for a day. I have been looking on the internet on how I can do that. I really want it to be streamed live. There is an app called Ustream. This app allows you to stream live video from your iPhone directly onto the internet. I haven’t tried it out yet but I will test it out and then see if that option works best for me. The other option would be to use my DV camera which has wifi and I could stream videos from my camera onto a website called I want my project to be interactive so I am looking forward to the viewer participation.