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Daily Create: Response to the text



My initial thoughts after reading the book
I don’t want to say that i knew how it was going to end, but i will say that i was not surprised. I knew from earlier on in the book that Mae was a lost cause, trying to prove herself to the cause of the Circle.
cult like/dogmatic
nobody had the right to have an opposing opinion, if you disagreed you disappeared.
Williamson the politician who thought the Circle was a monopoly
Georgia, the woman who was tending the tanks and didn’t agree with the way Stenton was going about feeding the animals
drunk man in the bar compared the Circlers to God, being all Knowing, having the same knowledge that God has
you only disappeared when they want you to
no freedom to choose, they forced their beliefs upon you and you had to do what they said
even God gave humans free will and the ability to choose
p. 456-460 Mercers death
how could Mae no feel responsibility for his death
he rather died than to live by their means
Mae said if she was able to see into his mind an see what he was thinking then he would be alive today. but she already knew what he was thinking, he wrote her 2 letters telling her and her viewers how he felt about his lack of privacy around her and that he didn’t want to take part in her experiments
Mae repeatedly disobeyed his wishes
she literately pushed him over the edge
p. 463 Bailey capitalized on his death. introducing the idea of those cars that can drive themselves and avoid accidents/human errors. He convinced Mae that it was his on fault that he had died and that he was a lost soul, and if anything Mae was only trying to help him or “deliver him”
Stenton wanted to give the woman who killed her kids dignity after being caught and arrested and told Mae to cut the Cameras but didn’t do the same when Mae and the world was stalking and harassing Mercer
Annie vs. Mae
Mae looked up to Annie
Annie took Mae under her wing
Mae showed signs of defiance
Annie showed signs of defiance
Mae quickly rises, the 2 wise men see her as an asset
Mae wants to make Annie proud
Annie feels threatened by Mae’s influence/success and tries to get back at her, only for it to back fire on her and ultimately led to her demise
even when Annie was hooked up to the machines in a coma, Mae was upset that she couldn’t see what Annie was thinking and felt that the world was entitled to it.
p. 413-14 3% or 368
Mae was obsessed with the people who frowned at her and was paranoid about her fellow Circlers, when Francis showed her that all the results were viewable and insisted on showing her who they were she reacted the same way that Mercer reacted during dinner at her parents house (when she insisted reading what people thought of his work). Only Mercer genuinely didn’t care and Mae wanted to rectify those relationships, and thought of how she can get every one to like her.
Mae replaced her parents and Mercer with Bailey, Stenton, and Francis. She was fully devoted to the Circle now.
Mae felt like she had something to prove
to her parents
to Mercer
to Annie
to the Circle
to Ty