Monthly Archives: February 2014

Daily create 2/6


The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone for any notifications. Then I will spend about a half our going down my timeline on Facebook. If there is any drama worth looking into it may take me an additional 15 minutes to investigate. Then I will spend about 10 minutes going down my Instagram timeline. Liking or comments on the pictures or videos that I like. On my commute to school or work I am glued to my Facebook timeline. When I have at least 2 hours to kill I will go to “Mediatakeout” and “TMZ” for my celebrity gossip. I love those page because the writers get ahead of themselves and publish premature stories so and I get to investigate further to determine the validity of their posts. That’s basically how my days goes. My favorite part of my day is checking “Mediatakeout” since it is only updated once a day. I do not have to keep checking it like a crazed addict.